Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Impression

I found this during the room cleaning just now. This game was played during PSMB when we first arrived here at Alexandria. PSMB stands for Program Sambutan Mahasiswa Baru (its just like an orientation week but it lasted for 4 days only. Everyone was asked to stand in a circle and closed their eyes. A piece of paper was pasted behind each person and everyone must write their first impression about that person. Here goes their first impression towards me:

1-Pendiam :I seldomly talk to new people ,or in other word, I'm not a friendly-type person. But take note, saya tak sombong okayyyy! Lagi-lagi kalau org tu satu kepala dengan saya, bestttttttttttttt !

2.Comel : I take that as a compliment, thank you. HAHA. LMAO! All praises goes to HIM :)

3 & 4. Serius: I think because I rarely smile to unfamiliar faces. And because of this, people will always say, "Amal, senyumla sikit." HAHA. Okay, I'll take this as a reminder :D

5.Solehah + Best: Wow! InshaAllah, Ameen :)

6. Cakap banyak: Oh yes I do :) And believe me I can talk 24 hours non-stop especially with my friends. Hee. :)

7. Nampak serius tapi okay: I guessed the person who wrote this is getting to know me better, perhaps.

8. Cute and berkeyakinan: For the very first time people say I'm confident. But may I know in terms of what pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee?

9.Peramah: I bet you have known me for ages. HAHA.

Sometimes it's good to know what people think about you when they first saw you. This were their first impression towards me. What say you? ;)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dusty Dust.

Another 3 days to go, then it will be exactly 2 months I've been surviving here in Egypt. Am I really surviving? Oh yes I do :) And because of that, I decided to write at least, something here. Frankly speaking, I didn't know what to write .So much to tell but somehow it had disappeared from my mind. Isn't that normal? HAHA. So just a quick updates here from Alexandria :)

~I just finished my Module 2 examination which was like -.- I've done my very best and just let Allah do the rest ;)

~I'm having a one week holiday so yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :)) I'm going to spend every minutes to the fullest before the next module begin next week.

~If you asked me about Alexandria,there's nothing much I can say. It just like living in the middle of Kuala Lumpur with a massive traffic jam and non-stop hon. Except on Friday morning. You will feel like the whole Alex is yours sbb org Arab cuti tak bangun pagi. HAHA.

~Winter's coming and its getting colder and colder and I'm shiveringggggggggggggggg! Take note, weight gain is a must during winter so I'm so scared. -.-

~Counting days for the Eid Adha and for the first time I'm going to celebrate it here :(

~Im craving for Malaysian dishes, where can I get them? To be specific, char keow teaw pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee! KSP tak sedap, dah la mahal. LOL.

Till then because my mind is about to freeze now. Okay, saja hyper-bola. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Less Than 6 hours Left

Semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan, I'm hoping for a good start, InshaAllah. Do pray for me people, thank you :)

Monday, September 06, 2010

YOU are my current obsession ;)

He is soooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous and awesome and cool ;)
Will I be given a chance to meet him someday pleasssssssssssssse?
I rarely being obsessed with actor/actress but this is my very first time I guess. HAHA.

Anyways, while I was watching GG just now,I found out something really interesting..
that is..
How Americans act when they are in a relationship.

  • They still call their gf/bf with their own name. Eg: Nate,Blair, Chuck, Serena. Unlike we Malaysians, we usually use `sayang, hubby, bee, hunny and whatsoever' (Sorry,I'm not expert on this thingy)
  • They don't text their gf/bf 24 hours like we Malaysians do. Like every minute we need to ask, tengah buat ape? dah makan ke belum? bla bla bla.And this is so not cool okay!
  • They didn't have to do super saver or all those things so that they can talk all night long.
But they still managed to have a good relationship :)
I didn't mean to offense anyone but somehow I think this way of relationship is way way way COOLER than what we usually practised here in Malaysia. I may not have those lovey dovey experience but I really think this is pretty COOL! =)
Don't you feel the same way or I'm just too exaggerating?

Friday, September 03, 2010

How Far Along

The very last time I did my TO-DO LIST was a month ago on 2nd August 2010. Today, approximately one month had passed by, how much I've done so far?

  • Polish kembali driving skill yang sangat dah teramat berhabuk! Oh mannn, I miss driving so much!-believe me or not,I haven't touched the steering since I've finished my preparation at Kuantan ,until NOW! I want to drive, pleaseeeeeee! =(
  • Buat spec baru.A.S.A.P!-CHECKED!
  • Pergi SEMASHUR untuk collect sijil SPM.-CHECKED, but then the certificate was not yet ready, so I just dropped by to visit my teachers and juniors.
  • Belajar masak. Ni sepatutnya prioriti ni. Adoi. Malas okay!-As soon as MARA said that 1st year students are not allowed to cook, I've stopped learning. HAHA.Ish Ish Ish.
  • Kemas bilik yang dah tak rupa macam bilik ni. Haiyaa!-I've been cleaning it almost everyday eh no, CERTAIN days but then, I can't see any changes. HAHAHA.
  • Movie marathon! Banyak movie tak tengok masa duduk kat Cherating dulu :(-this is an endless thingy. I've been watching at least one movie per day but still, I got so many other movies to catch up. ECEH CEH!
  • Study Amal study! At least sejam sehari pon takpe so that sampai sana takdelah terkejut sangat macam tak tahu apa-apa langsung! Sources dah ada, jangan cari alasan! -I've read about carbohydrate and I don't even understand a single thing and now I'm scared! -.-
  • Bukak ATM A.S.A.P jugak. -CHECKED!
  • Transfer gambar-gambar dalam laptop tapi kabel misplaced. Sebab tu kena kemas bilik dulu. HAHA.-CHECKED!
  • Beli laptop and pendrive baru. Hard disk ke? Haha. Banyak duit!-CHECKED!
  • Makan makanan Malaysia sepuas-puasnya. Haha. Teruk betul idea!-I've been craving for SUBWAY for these past few days. LAPAARRRRRRRRRRR!
  • Visit kawan-kawan dekat KMB, PASUM dan UiTM. Kalau boleh nak hangout dengan diorg tapi of course lah diorg tak cuti kan. Eh lupa, Cik Pika Nadhirah pon suruh visit die kat KMS .-CHECKED but I only managed to visit PASUM. Other places,some other time maybe.
  • Start kumpul sikit-sikit basic needs yang nak kena bawak ke sana. OMG! Baru sedar yang sebulan tu tak lama dahhhh! I hate packing so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh!-Almost 90% done but I'm a lazy lazier eh no laziest person to put all those stuffs in the luggage because? yes you know the answer. Because packing-is-so-not-me!
  • Pre depature@ MARA on 3rd Sept. -It was not on 3rd Sept actually but yesterday so CHECKED!
Wahhhh, almost everything was done. So, for the first very time, I would like to congratulate myself because I'm able to accomplish my to-do-list though it took about a month! And I'm very very proud of it. :)

psst ;InshaAllah,my flight details are as follows:

Date : 16 September 2010
Time: 1.30 am
Destination: KL-Cairo
Airlines: Egypt Air

I'm going to appreciate every clock's tickling because only 2 weeks left! Gah!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tag oh Tag!

Here goes the tagging thingy ;

1. Say thanks kat orang yang sudi tag tu.. jangan lupe link kan skali yer.
~terima kasih lisa azelan,merangkap my cousin,my one week premedic mate and my future university mate to-be :)

2. Tag 15 orang blogger yang anda pikirkan olala tropika fantastica bola bola! yaa reba ya rebba! hehehe (im just trying to copy the words. i don't know what it means pun. hahaha)
~tak paham.tapi nah amek ni 15 orang :

*aiman amri

3. Kena bagi tau insan-insan yang bertuahkat atas ni menerusi chatbox diorang.

4. Nyatakan 7 perkara tentang diri sendiri
~Nama Penuh: Amal Hayati binti Sobri,people often call me as Amal,Kak Cik,Mamal.Just call me anything as you like (as long as it refers to me) thank you =)

~I hate smokers! Let it be male or female,its a big NO NO! Especially those people yang smoke dekat public area and tak tahu nak respect orang lain.Sorry,but I just can't tolerate with them.

~Saya takut kucing.Even kalau kat kedai makan,kucing tu jauh sebatu,saya dh larikan diri.HAHA.

~Saya tak tahan pedas.Asal pedas sikit je dah bising-bising nak air.Forgive me people! :P

~I sleep A LOT! Especially during my free +leisure time.

~I hate waiting and to be waited. So you guys don't have to wait for me whenever I'm late,okay? HAHA.

~I'm a fan of : football, purple colour,Maher Zain.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Amazing People :)

In my life, I've met some amazing people who've forever changed me. I don't know how much they helped me on days when I've felt discouraged, uncertain, or simply blue. It could be their grins, their words, their examples, or their real kindness that pulled me through. How much I appreciate them, I'm not sure they will ever understand. I LOVE THEM,SO MUCH <3!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Coolest Place on Earth :D

If I were asked, what is the coolest place on Earth? Surely I will say CHERATING BAY RESORT (KIBA 2010)! :D
Although I was quite reluctant to stay there before this, now its hard to admit that I MISS KIBA SO MUCH! Betullah orang Melayu cakap, bila dah tak ada depan mata baru rasa kehilangan. Few things that I miss the most ;

~Kawad petang-petang bersama jurulatih dan lawak-lawak mereka : En Rahim,Pokya,En Bukhari dengan En Nazri.
`Awak ni kawad macam ape? Macam taik!'
~Kelas yang penuh dengan gelak ketawa, suka ria, nyanyi-nyanyi, berlakon. Macam dah takde gaya orang amek medic dah. Haiyaa, mcm mana lah bile sampai Alex nanti eh? Harap-harap semua okay. Ameen.
~Kedai-kedai di tepi pantai Cherating dan kedai pakcik burger. Sedap weyh!
~Stay up tengok WC especially masa Germany lawan Spain and masa final dengan ahli-ahli bilik 150!
~Preparation untuk mukhayyam 1&2, stay up sampai pagi untuk siapkan pameran, lakonan, nasyid and etc.

Tu lah kot yang paling dirindui setakat ni. Rindu jugak dekat Ust Muin, Ust Asnawi, Ust Kamel, Ust Rashimi, Ust Razak, Ustzh Bushra dengan Ustzh Aida.T hanks 4 everything ya ayuhai muhadirun :)

Finally, habis pon KIBA. So sekarang ialah sesi melepak dan meronggeng selama sebulan di rumah :D Eh, tak! tipu! Banyak benda nak kena buat lah. Siapa kata boleh ronggeng?

TO-DO LIST (It is compulsory to be accomplished!)
  • Polish kembali driving skill yang sangat dah teramat berhabuk! Oh mannn, I miss driving so much!
  • Buat spec baru.A.S.A.P!
  • Pergi SEMASHUR untuk collect sijil SPM.
  • Belajar masak. Ni sepatutnya prioriti ni. Adoi. Malas okay!
  • Kemas bilik yang dah tak rupa macam bilik ni. Haiyaa!
  • Movie marathon! Banyak movie tak tengok masa duduk kat Cherating dulu :(
  • Study amal study! At least sejam sehari pon takpe so that sampai sana takdelah terkejut sangat macam tak tahu apa-apa langsung! Sources dah ade,jangan cari alasan!
  • Bukak ATM A.S.A.P jugak.
  • Transfer gambar-gambar dalam laptop tapi kabel misplaced. Sebab tu kena kemas bilik dulu. HAHA.
  • Beli laptop and pendrive baru. Hard disk ke? Haha.Banyak duit!
  • Makan makanan Malaysia sepuas-puasnya. Haha.Teruk betul idea!
  • Visit kawan-kawan dekat KMB, PASUM dan UiTM. Kalau boleh nak hangout dengan diorg tapi of course lah diorg tak cuti kan. Eh lupe, Cik Pika Nadhirah pon suruh visit dia kat KMS.
  • Start kumpul sikit-sikit basic needs yang nak kena bawak ke sana. OMG! Baru sedar yang sebulan tu tak lama dahhhh! I hate packing so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  • Pre depature@ MARA on 3rd Sept.
Tu je lah kot. Doakan saya berjaya dengan cemerlangnya untuk merealisasikan semua senarai di atas ye. Hahahahaha.

Teringat pesan Ustaz Fajuri semalam,
`Ada sebab kenapa Allah pilih kita pegi Mesir, bukannya UK, Ireland, Australia, USA. Mesir ni dunia ilmu dan dunia para Anbiya'. Kalau datang sini,insyaAllah dapat berkat dan dapat ilmu. Tapi kalau negara lain,dapat ilmu juga tapi berkat tu belum tentu'.

Lets hope and pray for the best.InsyaAllah :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

ini kisah IKIP saya.

Since saya dah lama gile tak update,ini lah kisah terbaru saya.(eceh,bajet ade pulak orang nak tau.HAHAHAHA.)Kisah Kursus Intensif Bahasa Arab(KIBA) dekat IKIP Collage,Cherating.Sebenarnya tempat asal kolej ni dekat Kuantan,tapi MARA dengan baik hatinya dah sewa Cherating Beach Resort ni untuk 3 bulan.Jadi tempat saya berkursus ni dekat Cherating sebenarnye.Bukan Kuantan.Tempat ni okaylah.Tapi die bukan dekat tengah-tengah bandar.Agak ke hulu sikit(ala-ala SEMASHUR,HAHAHA)Kalau drive 15 minit lagi dah boleh sampai Kemaman.Kedai pon x berape nak ade.Tapi takpelah.Yng penting bilik die best.Air cond! :))
So,lepas saya dapat call dari MARA hari Jumaat minggu lepas,saya pon bertolak lah ke tempat ini esokya,sabtu.Sebab kena daftar hari Ahad.So,tengoklah gambar-gmbar kat bawah ni.Korang rase tempat ni best ke? Hulu sangat weh tempt ni.Nasib baik dekat dengan pantai :)

Bilik saya.Air cond :))
living hall.dapat wardrobe sorang satu.haha

Umi dah nak balik,kene tinggal sorang-sorang :(
Eh lupe pulak nak cerita.Tempat ni untuk budak-budak MARA yang akan amek medic prepare Bahasa Arab untuk ke Alexandria,insyaAllah.Tapi kat sini ada budak-budak Yayasan Pahang jugak untuk ke Morocco dengan Yarmuk.Rumah saya ada 4 orang;
  • Nur Affiqah Amiruddin.Dia ni budak KISAS dulu.Dia akan ke Morocco untuk Pengajian Islam under Yayasan Pahang.
  • Nur Athifah Mohammad Basri.Dia ni sekolah Maahad Al-Islamiyyah At Tarbiyyah ape tah kat Perlis(MATRI).Dia under MARA bersama-sama saya :)
  • Nur Adilah Mohammad Assim.Dia ni pun dulu sekolah agama apa tah dekat Pahang.Dia akan ke Yarmuk untuk Perbankan Islam under Yayasan Pahang.
Obviously,semua memang sekolah agama except saya.Haha.tapi takpe,nasib baik diorg gila-gila jugak.Senang hati :))
Perasan tak semua start huruf A? Affiqah,Athifah,Adilah,Amal :)

Jadual kat sana tak lah ketat sangat.Lebih kurng macam ni lah :
0830:Tabbahul Sabbah,Perhimpunan pagi.Kat sini memang wajib setiap hari cakap Bahasa Arab.
0900-1300: Kelas
1300-1430: Makan,Zohor.Tido!
1430-1630: Kelas
1700-1830: Tabbahul Askarri a.k.a kawad.Pergh! Tak sukaaaaaaa :((

Malam kitorang free,Just wajib berjemaah dekat surau for Maghrib dengan Isya je.Pastu baca Almulk ramai-ramai.Overall,jadual die tak lah pack sangat.Tapi tak tau lah kan sebab saya duduk tak sampai seminggu dah dapat cuti sampai Selasa.HAHAHA.Ape-ape pon,doakan lah saya boleh bertahan 3 bulan eh kat sana!

~Congratulations kawan-kawan yang dapat scholar MARA dengan JPA.All the best for your future.Sedih lah when everyone has to choose their own path.Tiba-tiba rindu sekolah :(
~Yang tak dapat tu,takpe.Allah knows best more than we do! He surely had planned something better for us :)

Eh panjang pulak bebel.Tapi duduk sana mungkin dah tak boleh balik dah sebab weekends pon ade aktiviti.So mungkin ini last post sampai program ni habis kot(ye ye je).haha.

psst; saya sangat merindui kawan-kawan ni.mcm mana nak buat? dah tak ade masa nak jumpa :((

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

gila tak?

Okay,dengar sini.Saya akan join Program Premedic kat UPM Ahad ni.Tapi saya belum packing ape-ape lagi.Ini kerja gila kan kan? Saya tahu :)
So,instead of packing barang-barang semua,I found out something very interesting to do.
PENDIDIKAN SENI! (Since ano beriye suruh angah tolong,saya pon join lah.Saje suka-suka test skill mewarna yg dh lama gila tinggal tu.Btw,bila last time saya pegang pensel warna? Okay dah lupa.Haha.Nak tengok hasil seni saya? (Bukan saya buat sorang,angah buat jugak.tapi mostly yang background biru tu saya yang buat) :) Taraaaa!!

Not bad lah kan? :)
Okay yang ni comot gila.
Lawa tak? HAHA.

Yang ni yang saya buat dengan angah.Yang ni,angah buat sorang.Oklah,nak tidur lah.Esok wajib dan harus packing(ye ye je).Bye,goodnite,eh tipu,good morning peeps.HAHA. :)

psst;sila terhutang budi dengan kakak-kakak anda ye,wahai Syahidah Sobri! :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

give thanks to Allah :)

Alhamdulillah,finally I was given the chance to attend the MARA interview after being so sad for not being one of the candidates.So people,DO KEEP ON PRAYING AS I'VE SAID EARLIER BECAUSE MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! So,dear readers,when u feel like like hope is gone and u are emotionally down,continue praying okay :)

So,we set off at 6.30 a.m! Yeah,its pretty early but since it was in Shah Alam,we need to avoid the massive traffic jam! Arrived there around 7.30am.Had breakfast at mamak's.Entered Anggerik Mall at 9 pm,registered myself and there u go! I got Panel 6,at level 3.


Everything went very well and smooth,PRAISE TO ALLAH,again :) Basically,here are few questions that were asked during the interview.

-Tell me why you are here today
-Why do u choose medicine? (most stereotype question ever!)
-Which country would u wish to pursue your study?
-Give me the medical term of a doctor
-If u were given a chance to be a specialist,in what field u would choose to continue?( since I chose to be a gynecologist,there u go the next question!)
-Tell me how a female give birth( I think I'm sucked at this question,terpakse lah aku kerah2 balek ilmu biology yg dh lame gile tggl tuh) =.=
-Tell me about your co curricular activities and your charity works during your school days.( jap2,charity work? penah ke ehh?)
-Tell me about the female reproductive organs
-If MARA didn't sponsor you to overseas but local,would you accept?
-If you are given choices to serve the government or work with the private hospitals,which one you would choose?
-Why should MARA sponsor you?

I think thats all kot.I've given my best shot and whatever it takes,I'll certainly be positive towards it :)
Dear Athirah,Dian and Afifah,best of luck ye! May Allah ease your way.You'll make it through,nothing much to worry :)

So,the interviewers said the results will be release on 17th May.Best of luck everybody. Ameen!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

sometimes impromptu action is the best!

Hello people.I'm back.Back from disappointment as I've stated earlier in my previous post.At that particular time,people told me to keep on praying,don't you ever give up,because miracles do happen.And yes,it really happened.Alhamdulillah :)

So,back to the topic.Hehe.Yesterday,me,Ano and Along had our lunch at Wang Solo.After that,we thought to go back home straight away but suddenly I requested to drive.Along had the idea of seeing me to drive somewhere in Putrajaya,so we went there.At first,we felt like visiting Angah's place of intership at the Putrajaya Powerplant Station.It was pretty sad when we suddenly missed the junction.So,since Ano was very insisted to go to masjid besi or the proper name is Masjid Tuanku Sultan Mizan at Presint 3,so we headed there.Btw,have you guys been there? This mosque is totally awesome.It has a basement parking(it is rare to see mosque with basement parking),escalators,lifts and magnificent designs.Dont you think thats amazing?Although it is still not yet officially open,but it is already open to public.We performed our Asar prayer and then,we took a stroll around the mosque.And guessed what? Because of the its enormous building,we got lost in the mosque when we want to find our way back to the parking lot where we put our slippers and got stucked inside there for an hour.Haha.It was really cool.Sesat dalam masjid! Now,can you imagine how big this mosque is?Haha.We asked for help from the guardS but still we failed! This was totally crazy man.So,what we did was going ups and downs but still,our car was no where to be seen.Finally,we found an exit to the basement and saw our car.But that time,we still didnt see our slippers yet.What we did were walking from the basement car towards the entrance to trace back our slippers,shoe-less! Yes,this is so out of mind.I knew it.HAHAHA.

Told you,we were shoe-less! HAHA.

So anybody feels like going? Best of luck lah ye in finding your way back home! :)
What happened today was not a plan,but it was a memorable one!
Yes,sometimes what has been planned doesnt go accordingly. So,better having it in a coincidence way kan? Just go with the flow and deal with it :))

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

joy or tears?

Alhamdulillah,I passed my JPJ test today.Actually,I am not really confident to pass this test because I am super duper extremely nervous.So,I just did my very best and luck was on my side.Thank you Allah for making my day :) I was the 15th person on the 2nd session.Luckily,everything went on smoothly.EXCEPT for the-on-the road-test.I did pretty bad.16/20.1 thing I hate the most was,dealing with the JPJ tester.Mulut bising lah! Now, I would officially annouced that I got my beloved mr P. :)
*And this was on the happy side*

In the afternoon,I received few messages and even phone calls from my friends asking about my MARA result.They checked theirs but I am still there at Cemarlang waiting and waiting and waiting.Now,I could feel the tense is in the air.So,when I reached home,I checked it and this is the result.

I agreed with some people that say the truth really hurts.If you were in my shoes,what else would you say?Fine,maybe its true that this was not my time.But can you stand seeing everybody is busy keep on updating their status and blogs about interviews?Ouch,If you can stand with that matter,its ok.But Im sorry,I cant.Its damn painful.So dear everyone,I would like to apologise for any unreply messages,unanswered phone calls,did not respond to anyone no matter where in the world you are.I am deeply sad and emotionally down.
Dont worry guys,I just need some time.Allah Knows Best more than everyone does. :)
Congrats for anyone that is qualified to go for the interviews.Best of luck :)
*So,should I consider today as a happy or sad moments?*sigh.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

taen! :)

Sengaja buat title TAEN sebab dia yang tag.First person pulak tu.HAHA!

1.Adakah anda rasa anda hot?
Haha.Tak langsung!
2.Upload wallpaper pc/laptop anda sekarang!

3.Cerita pasal gambar...
Erm,saya sangat suka cerita ini.Cool lah :) Bila season 3 nak keluar nih?Hmmph.
4.Bila kali terakhir makan pizza?
Hani belanja :))
5.Lagu terakhir anda dengar.
Tik Tok,Keyshia Cole.
6.Apa yang anda buat selain tag ini?
Dengar radio,FlyFm.
7.Selain nama sendiri,anda dipanggil nama apa?
8.Tag lagi 8 orang.
Syiqin Sobri
Syahidah Sobri
Farah Syahira Sobri
Farah Nurdiana
Nabila Sarah
Aiman Amri
Khairul Akmal Salim
9.Siapakah gerangan no 1 pada anda?
Kakak saya yang sangat saya sayang! <3
10.Katakan sesuatu pada orang no 5.
Awak cantik lah :)
11.No 3 ada hubungan dengan siapa?
HAHA.Saya tidak tahu.Dia perahsia.Tapi,baru darjah 6 pon!
12.Bagaimana dengan no 4?
JOHN TERRY mungkin! :))
13.Pesanan buat orang no 6.
Good luck untuk masa depan anda,engineering in France kan? :)
14.Kata-kata cinta untuk orang no 2.
15.Persamaan no 7 dengan no 8.
16.Berikan 5 perkara yang anda tahu tentang orang yang men tag anda.
Baru je cecah usia 18 tahun 2 hari yang lepas.
Cakap laju.
Dah dapat P.
17.Persamaan antara kambing dengan lembu.
Takde kaitan tapi jawab jelah.Ada ekor.
18.Perasaan anda buat tag ni?
Takde perasaan.
19.Adakah anda tahu si Razman itu sengal?
Razman mane? Razman Sahat ke?
20.Gay ke less?
Takde kaitan!
pssst;taen,im done! :))

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Queen of my heart :)

Its your day today! Amal doakan Ummi dipanjangkan umur,dimurahkan rezeki dan sihat selalu.Thanks for everything ummi,for making me who I am today.Without you,I will never have the chance to see the world.You will always be right by my side,whenever I need you especially in times of difficulties when I got no one to turn to.I love you so much! <3

Heaps of loves and kisses,
~Amal Hayati~

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Yes,I was so happy yesterday and had a lot of fun too.You know why? I met my bestest clans during my chilhood:Pika,Norq and Zhou.If I was not mistaken,the last time I met them was during my third former that was on 2007.So,can you imagine how long I havent met them?Oh,I missed them so much.At first,I planned to accompany Norq and Pika to the Cemerlang Driving School for the re-test.Then,Pika decided to pick up zhou at her house at Putrajaya.So,we explored Putrajaya.Main redah jer even tk tau jalan pon.And guessed what? We managed to arrive at her house on our own without any guidance and directions.*BIG CLAP*STANDING OVATION!* haha.Right after that,we went to McDonald because Zhou said she did not know where is in the world is the biggest McD in Bangi.Haha.Laen kali,rajin-rajin datang Bangi ye? xD So,we've updated each other about ourselves.So,I think,thats all.Let the pictures do the talking okay?

Thanks for the day guys.I love YOU! So,next plan ape eh? ALICE IN WONDERLAND eh? :P

GOOD LUCK korang esookkkkkkk! aku cuakkkkkkkk!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

a little reminder

`Dan mohonlah pertolongan kepada Allah dengan sabar dan solat.Dan solat itu sungguh berat,kecuali bagi orang-orang yang khusyuk' -Al Baqarah,45.

Kalau selalu sangat rasa berat nak solat,maknanya solat kita tak khusyuk la eh? Macam mana nak khusyuk dalam solat ehh? Teringin sangat nak rasa.Rasanya petua ini agak berguna kot.

Peringatan untuk semua,termasuk diri saya sendiri. :)

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

what I've been craving for...

okay people.These are some stuffs that i've been craving for the past few days.So,since my birthday is just around the corner,Can I get them eh?Boleh eh?? :P

1.SPM 9A+ Ya Allah,I really really need this.Ameen.And whoever reads this,tolong ammen kan jugak! It is compulsory! Thanks:)

2.Pass my JPJ test.Tapi test tu 23 march lahhh.Lmbt lagi:((

3.The GAME OF LIFE yg latest punya.I just dont know why but I am so in the mood to play this game tapi ayah kate mcm budak2 nak game ni.But this game is super duper fun!!Believe me and u will never regret playing this :))But it cost abt RM160 lahhh...

3.New handphone.I think everyone knows how my current handphone loooks like kan kan?

4.Most important,I need your prayers.Pray for my health and happiness,herein and hereafter okay?


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

pssst;I got this people :)

As soon as I reached home safely last week from Bandung,I was surprised to see this big envelope,with my own name written on it.I repeat,my own name.Oh sorry,I sounded so batak jakun but seriously,I rarely got letters with my own name written on it.Unless if it was during my birthdays or festive seasons.Kan? So I opened it because I was so curious to see what's inside.Then,when I opened it,I felt like crying!!!!! Seriously tak tipu.It was from my one of my beloved bestest buddies,NURUL ATIQAH BINTI KAMARUL ZAMAN.So,I would proudly present you the card,taddddddaaaaaaaa!!

yes,that's my name :)

I've made a clearer view for you.Haha.

The Card. :)

Dont you think she's sweet?

I missed her writing :P

meet the person people!! :))

I miss you too,so badly. :((

Friday, February 05, 2010

bad day.

Yesterday was my 1st attempt driving a car,not on the road but within the driving circuit.I was really really dissapointed because I can't control the clutch and ended up,mati enjin for like more than 10 times.Don't be suprised.I knew it was extremely terrible.I guessed my instructor had given up teaching me because he said like,'adik,adik mmg xpernah bawak kereta ke?'I felt very humiliated then.The first hour,I was like giving up and said,I don't want to do this,please send me home.But Alhamdulillah,during the second hour,I was doing better.As soon as the class ended,I apologised to my instructor for being such a tah ape ape student.I thought he must be mad at me but luckily he said,takpelah dik,semua orang pun macam adik dulu.Saya pun macam adik.'Fuhh.Relieved.Btw,my instructor was kinda in the middle age of 30.I prefer someone like pakcik-pakcik actually because they are more patient compared to darah muda-mudi.hehe.

this pic was not actually taken yesterday,but it was taken in 2005(I was in first former) while angah was having her driving lesson with ayah.That was me driving nissan charade,BCG 3268.How I wished you could be here with me:(

Just believe in yourself and you can do better ,

Monday, February 01, 2010

It's February.

A month passed by in 2010 so quickly.Its not quickly actually,my fault I didn't do something productive,yeah,I knew that.need not to mention.However,January had come to an end.So,lets recap what I've done..

-I got my L.That means I'm going to drive on the road on this Thursday.Haha.I knew I'm late.Fullstop.

-I watched GOSSIP GIRL for season 1 and now I'm going for a season 2 and 3 marathon.Currently,I'm so in love love love with Nate.Who can be my Nate Archibald please?

-When now is February,so March is approaching.Counting days for the results! *SIGHSIGHSIGH*Ya Allah,please give me the best thing that I deserve to.Ameen.

-Few more days for the cuticutiindonesia.Yeay,yeay,yeay.Can't waitttttttt!!!! :D:D *extremely excited*

Hoping that February will be much much better than previous months,

Friday, January 22, 2010


Finally,I'm done with all the tests and talks.I'm currently waiting for my beloved mr L now :)

Finally,I'm quite relieved when suddenly I heard a conversation between few guys at the driving school when they met their long lost friends and chit chatting about themselves;
~eh ko buat ape je skrang,keje ke,aku bla bla bla.SPM macam mane?
~aku bla bla bla.Chemistry aku K.O dowh.I didn't really actually care what were they talking about,but the most important message is,yes they also thought that Chemistry was super hard! Fuh,at least I'm not the only person that got the feeling.Plus,they came from SAS,Putrajaya.So,I felt more relieved then.

Finally,I got the chance to watch Gossip Girls.To Kero,in case you read this, I think Chuck Bass in that series resembles your face without your glass.It reminds me of you everytime I watched him :)

Finally,I've updated my blog.haha.Gossip's Girls are waiting.byebye!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Yesterday,I managed to go to the Karnival Jom Masuk U @Shah Alam.And I kept on asking myself a few questions like 'Do I am fully prepared for the university phase? How abt my SPM result?What courses should I pursue and sort of.There were many booths there,where most of them were from IPTA's.Most of the unversities that I've been visited told me that medical courses are very hard and tough.You must be fully prepared physically and mentally yadda yadda yadda.Now,I am really confused abt my future.What should i be? *sigh*

Thursday, January 07, 2010

sannah helwah fahani :)

Happy birthday FATIN FAHANI. May Allah bless you herein and hereafter.Thanks for everything,knowing you as my friend was such a superb one! Gud luck for ur undertaking,dun worry coz I knew u''ll be fine :) U will always be in my prayers :)

*gmbr atas dan bwh ialah gmbr yg ni tym f1.sile abaikan segala ketidakmatangan.sekian :D

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

sorry,i'm late.

This shall be my first entry in 2010 since I was away for 4 days at Kemaman. So,here goes the very first thing :

Sorry coz I'm about a week late to post this,but I'm wishing you the best for ur life.I knew u won't be able to read this but where ever u are,i'll always pray for ur success and happiness.Thanks for all the times we had together during the difficult times especially.U are always there to help me.May Allah grant all your wishes esp to fly off to France,Insya Allah :)

And this is another good friend of mine,ASMAUL FADHILAH who were just off to PLKN in Kem Setia Ikhlas,Semenyih. I also knew that you won't be able to read this until the CNY holiday kot.haha.However, I just want you to know that I miss u like crazy.Happy plkn-ing,do have fun and take care ok?Aku dtg visit ko nnt.haha :D

*dah lame dh plan nk buat entry ni,tp carik gambar tak jumpe.and harini baru jumpe sume gmbr2 lame.hehe

*alissa,sorry to hear about what happened to ur mum and lil brother.but i prayed that everything is going to be fine,ameen :)

*i got no new year's resolution except for, I WANT TO LOOSE WEIGHT! !