Tuesday, April 27, 2010

give thanks to Allah :)

Alhamdulillah,finally I was given the chance to attend the MARA interview after being so sad for not being one of the candidates.So people,DO KEEP ON PRAYING AS I'VE SAID EARLIER BECAUSE MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! So,dear readers,when u feel like like hope is gone and u are emotionally down,continue praying okay :)

So,we set off at 6.30 a.m! Yeah,its pretty early but since it was in Shah Alam,we need to avoid the massive traffic jam! Arrived there around 7.30am.Had breakfast at mamak's.Entered Anggerik Mall at 9 pm,registered myself and there u go! I got Panel 6,at level 3.


Everything went very well and smooth,PRAISE TO ALLAH,again :) Basically,here are few questions that were asked during the interview.

-Tell me why you are here today
-Why do u choose medicine? (most stereotype question ever!)
-Which country would u wish to pursue your study?
-Give me the medical term of a doctor
-If u were given a chance to be a specialist,in what field u would choose to continue?( since I chose to be a gynecologist,there u go the next question!)
-Tell me how a female give birth( I think I'm sucked at this question,terpakse lah aku kerah2 balek ilmu biology yg dh lame gile tggl tuh) =.=
-Tell me about your co curricular activities and your charity works during your school days.( jap2,charity work? penah ke ehh?)
-Tell me about the female reproductive organs
-If MARA didn't sponsor you to overseas but local,would you accept?
-If you are given choices to serve the government or work with the private hospitals,which one you would choose?
-Why should MARA sponsor you?

I think thats all kot.I've given my best shot and whatever it takes,I'll certainly be positive towards it :)
Dear Athirah,Dian and Afifah,best of luck ye! May Allah ease your way.You'll make it through,nothing much to worry :)

So,the interviewers said the results will be release on 17th May.Best of luck everybody. Ameen!