Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Impression

I found this during the room cleaning just now. This game was played during PSMB when we first arrived here at Alexandria. PSMB stands for Program Sambutan Mahasiswa Baru (its just like an orientation week but it lasted for 4 days only. Everyone was asked to stand in a circle and closed their eyes. A piece of paper was pasted behind each person and everyone must write their first impression about that person. Here goes their first impression towards me:

1-Pendiam :I seldomly talk to new people ,or in other word, I'm not a friendly-type person. But take note, saya tak sombong okayyyy! Lagi-lagi kalau org tu satu kepala dengan saya, bestttttttttttttt !

2.Comel : I take that as a compliment, thank you. HAHA. LMAO! All praises goes to HIM :)

3 & 4. Serius: I think because I rarely smile to unfamiliar faces. And because of this, people will always say, "Amal, senyumla sikit." HAHA. Okay, I'll take this as a reminder :D

5.Solehah + Best: Wow! InshaAllah, Ameen :)

6. Cakap banyak: Oh yes I do :) And believe me I can talk 24 hours non-stop especially with my friends. Hee. :)

7. Nampak serius tapi okay: I guessed the person who wrote this is getting to know me better, perhaps.

8. Cute and berkeyakinan: For the very first time people say I'm confident. But may I know in terms of what pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee?

9.Peramah: I bet you have known me for ages. HAHA.

Sometimes it's good to know what people think about you when they first saw you. This were their first impression towards me. What say you? ;)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dusty Dust.

Another 3 days to go, then it will be exactly 2 months I've been surviving here in Egypt. Am I really surviving? Oh yes I do :) And because of that, I decided to write at least, something here. Frankly speaking, I didn't know what to write .So much to tell but somehow it had disappeared from my mind. Isn't that normal? HAHA. So just a quick updates here from Alexandria :)

~I just finished my Module 2 examination which was like -.- I've done my very best and just let Allah do the rest ;)

~I'm having a one week holiday so yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :)) I'm going to spend every minutes to the fullest before the next module begin next week.

~If you asked me about Alexandria,there's nothing much I can say. It just like living in the middle of Kuala Lumpur with a massive traffic jam and non-stop hon. Except on Friday morning. You will feel like the whole Alex is yours sbb org Arab cuti tak bangun pagi. HAHA.

~Winter's coming and its getting colder and colder and I'm shiveringggggggggggggggg! Take note, weight gain is a must during winter so I'm so scared. -.-

~Counting days for the Eid Adha and for the first time I'm going to celebrate it here :(

~Im craving for Malaysian dishes, where can I get them? To be specific, char keow teaw pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee! KSP tak sedap, dah la mahal. LOL.

Till then because my mind is about to freeze now. Okay, saja hyper-bola. :)