Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Aidilfitri 2009

Third day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri.While everybody keep posting and blogging about their raya celebration, I'm here, missing Ramadhan Al Mubarak like crazy. Ramadhan, I wish we can meet up again next year,InsyaAllah. This year Aidulfitri celebration was just an ordinary one,maybe because of the examination fever and some other personal matters,not to be mentioned here.However,it was great to celebrate it with your beloved ones :)
1st Syawal in Kedah was cool enough although it was quite sad without mummy:(
Other else,it was just the same ;
  • visiting well-known and UNknown relatives.haha
  • eat.and eat and eat like there's no tomorrow.
  • duit raya.although it was not as much as previous year.tapi baru raya ketiga kan? ke sbb dah makin tua? left to be unanswered.haha.
  • some secrets to be revealed like ada juga pak sedara aku yang kawin dua. tapi aku tak tahu.sekarang anak tiri dia dah dua orang dan yang paling sulung darjah 5.and I managed to know that he got second wife last nite.cukup ketinggalan zaman kah aku???
  • some stories to be learned as lesson while we visited ayah's relatives.
  • Got a new recipe for chocolate chips cookies.yummy.yummy.yup.I'm craving for that now!

I'm off to my beloved home sweet home in few minutes time.Sejarah,add maths,physics,biology,and chemistry,I'm soo sorry,I'll clean you up guys as soon as I reached home. Enuff for CELEBRATION mode I guessed.Let's get into EXAMINATION mode.huhu.wish me luck with tonnes of handouts and homeworks.btw,SELAMAT HARI RAYA,MAAF ZAHIR BATIN!

p/s: cuti dah nak masuk hari ke-5 tapi saya baru siap homework modern maths.teruknya saya :(