Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oh tidak.

Oh tidak.Few more days towards 2009! SPM maannnn! Banyaknya lagi benda belum settle!

~Saya belum decide nak ambil Tassawur Islam ke tak nih.Aduh.Bukak sekolah ni dah la ada ujian kelayakan.Ambik? Tak ambik? Saya perlu pendapat-pendapat mereka yang berpengalaman lah.In terms of kepentingan ke.Apa ke.Seriously! Sila-sila! Thnx! :)

~Saya belum study untuk Physics.Bukak sekolah ada ujian Light.Adoi.

~Saya belum study untuk Ujian Bahasa Arab KUIS.2oth January nih.Haishh..Elok-elok buat time F4,kenapa la gedik sangat nak buat time F5? Entah bila-bila pulak lah nak tahu resultnya.

~Saya belum siap Module Physics.Oh,ada siapa-siapa yang berminat nak tawarkan dia punya yang dah complete? :D

~Saya belum sanggup nak terima peraturan-peraturan baru yang bakal dikuatkuasa dan dipraktikkan oleh `mereka-mereka ' kat sekolah :(

~Saya belum packing lagi.Even sehelai baju. pun.Tapi rasanya banyak masa lagi kot.Hari ini baru hari ahad.Yeah! Lagi seminggu!
(suka buat last minute,banyak barang tinggal kang baru padan muka!)

~Saya belum habis revise F4 punya subject nih.Macam mana nak masuk F5 punya?

Rasanya saya belum ready physically and mentally lah.Adoi.
Note untuk diri sendiri: Jangan buat last minute!

Ya Allah,please let this new year bring out the best in me. May it will be filled with lots and lots of happiness,success,joyous and merriment.Guide me in every single path.Ameen.

I think I shall go to bed rather than thinking of all these problems that turns my live topsy-turvy.Yeah! I should and must prepare myself physically and mentally! Gud nite everyone!
Salam Maal Hijrah 1430! Makes today better than yesterday ok! :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm in love with it! <3!

Recently,I just read another Malay novel entitled aA +bB by Hlovate.At first, I refused to read it because biasa lah kan,novel-novel ni kan tebal.Especially novel melayu yang penuh dengan ayat-ayat berbunga. Even novel 'The Pearl' yang wajib baca tu pun tak habis lagi. haha. But Along encouraged me very much and luckily,I didn't regret it at all! Although it took a few days for me to finish it off! :) Thanx a bunch to Along for introducing this novel yeah! This novel is highly recommanded untuk orang yang benci jiwang jiwang seperti saya!

Something that makes this book totally different from other Malay novels:-

~Realistic! It really potrays what's happening in our life.Bukan asyik nak ber'jiwang' je like other typical Malay novels.

~The characters of BENZ ALIF SULAIMAN and NUR ADDIN SHAH itself.ouh..I loved it to the max! :)

~The settings,story line and everything! ouh..excellent and superb job Hlovate! :)
Few sentences caught my eyes when reading this novel :-
*Semua orang belajar,semua orang membesar; tetapi tidak semua orang menjadi dewasa. Selagi hidup bersama masa, maka selagi itu juga yang hidup itu dewasa bersama usia.
*Membesar dan belajar dengan pengetahuan sera pengalaman adalah suatu cabaran.
*Membesar dan belajar tentang hidup serta mengenal diri sendiri adalah suatu hakikat yang tidak dapat dielak.
p/s: maaf jika saya kelihatan terlalu obses ye.tapi saya sangat suka! double thumbs up! :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Splendid Vacation!

Alhamdulliah. I just came back from the most awaited cuti-cuti. hehe. Overall, it was great, fantastic and memorable! 9 out of 10! (tapi tak puas jalan-jalan kat Hong Kong lah. Kalau boleh nak lama lagi! I wished to stay there longer! :) )
1st December 2008- Departed from LCCT to Shenzen International Airport. It took about 3 and a half hours. Arrived around 8.30 p.m. Then, another 2 hours man to Guangzhou by bus! Aiyoo.. we were all very exhausted already!

Upon arrival at Shenzen International Airport.

We spent 3 nights here at Paning Hotel, Guangzhou.

2nd December 2008- We started our journey to Huai Sheng Mosque which is the oldest mosque in China built since 1300 years ago. Then, we proceed to the Silk and Curtain Centre & Digital Hai Yin Square that was located on the same road. Overall, it was quite quite okay lah to shop here because it was quite cheap compared to Malaysia. We bought nothing except for a few pieces of silk. After that, we went to Abdullah Restaurant for a yummilicious lunch! The food were delicious and so tempting.(semuanya sedap except for the chinese tea.tawarnya!) We perfomed our Zohor and Asar prayer at the restaurant too. Then, the shopping session continues at the Liu Hua Lu Brooch and Accessories Centre. This place is not so interesting since the price and stuffs sold here were just like Mydin! Anyhow, on our way back, we were stranded for almost two hours because of the bus! Haiyaa.. Our next destination was the Indian Muslim Chef Restaurant. Again,the food was nice and delicious and for the last part of the day was at the Beijing Lu City Centre. Nothing much here, just like Petaling Street with many shop houses but this place was different from others because it was full of colours. splendour it was! Colourful lights were everywhere! I love it to the max! ;) We captured some photos before we went back and dozed off. Hehe. Let the pictures do the talking yeah!

3rd December 2008- Today we went to Saad bin Abi Waqas Mausoleum which is one of the Sahabah of Rasullulah S.W.T and a mosque which was located nearby. Performed Dhuha prayer recited Al-Fatihah and took few photos. Then, we went to the San Yuan Li Leather Goods and Stuffs City Centre. As usual, this place was not so intersting since I was not a leather-type-person. However, Ayah loves this place so much and wished to spend a longer time here instead of one hour! He said they should spend one day here instead at the brooch centre yesterday! Alamak! Lamanya! Okay. That's the story during the day. Moving on at night, we took our dinner in the Cruise Ferry by the Pearl River, Guangzhou. Yes! I love this part above all. The sceneries, lights and air was amazing! Subhanallah! So many sky-scrapper buildings! And the photo-capturing session began! hehe :)

4th December 2008- Checking-out early in the morning for 2 hours journey to Shenzen. As soon as we arrived at the Muslim Hotel, we took our lunch at its restaurant. So far, Alhamdullilah, food was not a matter. They were very yummy for our empty tummies! :) Then, we went to another attaractive place, Window of The World. All landmarks from all over the world were built here but not in the actual size. They were built in a smalller scale but still using the same materials. Same but not similar! hehe :) So, in a few hours, I can travel to the entire world and I had been to all 7 Wonders of the World in a short time. hehe. Not to forget, we also watched a cultural performance as a closing ceremony for half an hour.

5th December 2008- Yeay! Hong Kong, here we came! We took a bus to Tsim Tsa Shui terminal, Lo Wu (a border between China and Hong Kong) kinda a place like Padang Besar! Then, we took MTR (similar to LRT, but it was of course more efficient and punctual!) to Disneyland, Hong Kong! It was a blast! Arrived around 1 p.m. and the started the adventures! :) To be honest, Disneyland Paris is much better than Hong Kong from the aspects of rides. This one was more like a children theme park. Not much adventurous rides. But no problem lah, I still felt lucky to have been there once! :) There were too many people since it was a school holiday for Hong Kong students too. The one-hour fireworks closing ceremony was so enchanting! We wore our 3D spectacles to see the fireworks and guess what? All the fireworks appeared to be a picture of a snowman! (since the Christmas Eve is just around the corner) And that was so really amazing! We bought some souvenirs there although they were not reasonable at all! hehe. Thanx a lot to Ummi and Ayah. Went back around 9 p.m to our hide out in Hong Kong, Golden Crown Court Guest House.We took our dinner and went to dreamland..lalala..Nite!

6 December 2008- Time to explore Hong Kong! We went to the ferry jetty. Then, we took a double decker bus to The Peak Tower. From there, we could see the whole sceneries of Hong Kong. Again, this really amazed me. There were so many bungalows that I don't really know how much they cost. What I knew was the living cost and expenses in Hong Kong were extremely high and expensive! Subhanallah! It was so cold up there! Took some pictures of course :) On our back, we stopped at our final pit stop before leaving Hong Kong, Ammar Mosque and Islamic Centre. Had our 'dim sum lunch' there and performed our prayer. Went back to the guest house by tram and train. Took our belongings and back to Lo Wu station. Did our last shopping-shopping session for about 45 minutes only at Lo Wu Plaza before the departure. I wished to stay there longer actually. hehe. Took our bus to the Shenzen International Airport, arrived exactly on time. And that's it. Off to Malaysia! Bye-bye Guangzhou+Shenzen+Hong Kong! Gonna miss u you! I'll come again next time, InsyaAllah! :)

Some facts about China +Hong Kong to share :-

~Guangzhou is the capital city of Guangdong. Guangdong is one of the districts in China. The total residents at Guangzhou is almost the same as the total residents in the Penisular of Malaysia. Can you imagine how big China is?

~Starting from 1st of January 2007, motorcycles were prohibited on the road. This is because motorcycles had increased the crime cases eg: snatching.Bila fikir-fikir balik, memang betul pun.

~Instead of using the motorcycles, they encouraged people to cycle. This can also reduce pollutions. No wonder there were too many bicycles on the road! It is also very rare to see people with big tummy because they cycled a lot! So let's cycle too. hehe.

~Beggars at China dress up properly and sometimes you can't even believe that he/she is a beggar! Thus, are they really 'beggars'?

~It's compulsory for the employers to give an Islamic education and outing to their maids in Hong Kong during Saturdays.

~The salary for the maids in Hong Kong is determined by the their goverment.

Special and millions thanks to :-

*Ayah and Ummi-for everything! The superb trip and of course the expenses too. I appreciated it to the max! :)

*Ustaz Muhammad bin Ibrahim a.k.a Ustaz Mat China -for the gorgeous hospitality !

*Pakcik Zul- for being really patient with all the behaviour from all ages! Ini kan trip campur-campur umur, budak-budak ada, remaja ada, yang veteran pun ada. Jadi faham-faham je lah.

*Pakcik Nasir and family-for being a good companion during our short stay in Hong Kong!

*All the Malaysians students from Jinan University (Kak Asiah, Kak Hanan, Abang Razif and Abang Safuan)- Thanks a lot for accompanying us too though you were all busy preparing with your upcoming final exam! Best of luck yeah! :)