Monday, January 30, 2012

A Gift from Me to You.

Thank you for making me feel very close to Him when I'm with you.
Thank you for your endless reminder asking me to find Him whenever I'm hopeless, down and in sorrow.
Thank you for always reminding me to help the needy people out there.
Thank you for showing me what is right and what is wrong.
Thank you for being there whenever I feel that I got no one to turn to.
Thank you for some time being spent hearing me grumbling,blabbering and complaining when I'm so stressed up.
Thank you for calming me down when my life is a mess.
Thank you for asking me to keep believing in Him when I'm at my weakest point sometimes.
Thank you for all your positive words and vibes when negativity strikes me.
Thank you for standing beside me when I think the whole world is going against me.
Thank you for for being there when I need YOU the most!

And above all, I THANK YOU Ya Allah for sending me those great people in my life.
Who are they?

'Friends on that day will be foes one to another, save those who kept their duty (to Allah)'. [Az-Zukhruf:67]

'The best companion is when you see his/her face you remember Allah, listen to his/her words will increase your knowledge about Islam and when you see his/her movements remind you of death. '

'The weakest man among all is the one who cannot find a friend and the worst than this is when you didn't appreciate the friend you have. [Saidina Ali R.A]'

Friday, January 06, 2012

Who Are We?

Since the society nowdays are being way too judgmental, thus, this is something for me,you and us to ponder upon.

#who are we to judge he's handsome and she's beautiful?
#who are we to judge he's pious and she's religious?
#who are we to judge he's rich and she's poor?
#who are we to judge he's intelligent and she's brilliant?
#who are we to judge he's kind and she's stingy?
#who are we to judge he's matured and she's childish?
#who are we to judge he's fat and she's thin?
#who are we to judge he's good and she's bad?

Because after all, its not WE who is going to judge but its US who will be judged soon at the very end of the day. So lets make a new resolution! 2012;towards a greater good: Better person and most importantly, better Muslim Insha Allah :)