Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fourth Former!

Honeymoon year they say?uhh I dont think so. After being a fourth former for 2 weeks, it is certainly not true (I think).

So many things happened last 2 weeks, since 1st day I entered school as a form four student. Registration day was not a good start (poor me), but I dont wish to share it here. Alhamdulillah though, the mess had been resolved bit by bit, and things are falling into places now. I am settling down Alhamdulillah :)

School far so good, I can say.

Add maths: I'm loving it! Hihi. and I'm hoping to continue loving it :D Mr Indra goes very fast in class so I really hope I can cope with the pace. After 2 weeks, we've covered Functions- Composite and Inverse functions. Quadratics equations coming up next.

Physics: Just the introduction part covered. The SI units and measurements yada yada.

Bio: 1st chapter finished. 1 experiment carried out. I really really hope to score this subject! huhu

Chemistry: Also the introductory done. We were introduced to the periodic table waaahh how can I memorize these things? I welcome and appreciate tips from you dear readers :)

History: Mesopotamia lalalala. Uhuh. Hafal hafal dan terus hafal. Yes its true we must learn from history, but please help me how to make it more interesting ;p

EST : Hmm, I really seem to not yet get the idea of what this subject is all about. Blur ni, serius..

English : Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?Thou art more lovely and more temperate. Hehe not bad these literature thingy! I enjoy Sonnet 18 ! :)

PAI, Modern Maths & BM : Ok la.. doing these basic subjects..hihi inshaAllah :)

Right now I am blogging from home :) :) :) Good to be back after 15 days in school without phone. Wargh, hp tak boleh bawa, public phone semua rosak! How does that sound? Saaangat sukar to call Ayah and Ummi and all.. Bersabar dan terus bersabar lah wahai Amal..

Social wise, being a fourth former means holding more and more responsibilities..

1-I got 1 adik angkat, Adyrra Noor from Kalumpang, thank God she's good and well behaved :)

2- SIS (Semashur Islamic Society and not Sisters in Islam ok!)- we've got to handle usrah adik-adik F1. Yes I'm in need of ideas people on how to improve usrah ie; to make it more interesting and become the weekly-awaited event.

3- KRS and librarians: Form 4 students were given extra workloads like always.
4- English Drama: Waaa this one too. Semua dilonggok atas bahu F4. Skrip tak siap lagi. Way to go man.
Enough bragging on school updates I guess..

Last night we had a BBQ since everyones home. Plus Kak Pia came to join us.

A fantastic getaway over the weekend. We had joy, we had fun! Alhamdulillah :) But now, I gotta start packing. Going back to beloved school this evening wuhuhu. May I have the courage and strength to withstand this whole year with success and blessings from Allah The Almighty. Until next time, take care.