Saturday, April 19, 2008

miss to write? i guessed..hahah~

back home.again.haha.after going back most every weekend since for the last 3 weeks.pity ayah and ummi..sorry!hehe.i guessed..there's nothing much to be was the report for all those activties going on in my most beloved school! ahaks..

3 weeks ago..i went to Sime Darby Conventional Centre to receive an award from the score a programme(this is sumthing to do wif the pmr 2007!)..wut a horrible dinner! although it was a dinner..we ate happy meal instead of wut a dinner ceremony shud had!huh..luckily..we got a sum of money.feeling worth it.hehehe!

2 weeks later,librarian organised an educational trip tu SDAR(Sekolah Datuk Abdul Razak) sumwhere in Sg Gadut..exactly besides RTM.We took SDAR's library as a benchmark..the school was great,big,spacious,cosy and wut else...??luxury! compared to semashur was totally a big different!hahah..we still need a lot n lot more of improvement! i got few new frens which i like the most(i luv making new buddies)=]harris,akmal hisyam,nabil(the most xtra friendly person which i never met before! u were a non stop talker!)hehe..thanx a lot for the friendliness n warm hospitality!..we enjoyed spending time there! hope 2 c guys again but not come to semashur! haahahah~=p ..on our way back,we stopped at the PWTC 4 the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair..oh my godness! there were millions of people..proof: we took one hour to que up just to take ablution and another half an hour to perform our zohor prayer!..I bought few magazines n did nothing much there..from there,ayah took me home!

a week later,it's tym 4 the mini convocation and prize giving day for those who excel in their studies that includes pmr n spm..(I never receive n award before and this time just because of the PMR! but I do hope that I can join the next mini convo! I hope! hahahah=) this tym the ceremony wuz not as grand as before~the hall was not special as the years before..maybe bcoz of the result I guessed..huhu..=( not only that,we only received a key chain angd pen..according to history,this tym was the worst mini convo ever! but never mind..being grateful was more important ryte? plus,my beloved family do come on that day(exceptional 4 ano n farah bcoz of the xtra cocuricular activity eh?) not so sure..I did also met kak gha,kak ain n others ex f5..suppose we can go back but the eng. drama participants had to stay back! warghh....but never mind..lets sacrifice for the competition that will be coming very2 soon! come on frens! lets strive towards victory=)

3 days passed by and guessed wut? the competition wuz cancelled! will be postponed till june maybe.again,not so sure..pity f5(bull,maro,kak odah,ayie,izham) I hope u guys can still join us!

I guessed that all..opsss before i'll stop,diz wik shud be a kursus for naqib and naqibah or nuqaba' in at easy word..nuqaba'? opppss...there's nothing to do wif me now of all wut happened that day...ssshhh..let's keep it as a secret...