Tuesday, February 23, 2010

pssst;I got this people :)

As soon as I reached home safely last week from Bandung,I was surprised to see this big envelope,with my own name written on it.I repeat,my own name.Oh sorry,I sounded so batak jakun but seriously,I rarely got letters with my own name written on it.Unless if it was during my birthdays or festive seasons.Kan? So I opened it because I was so curious to see what's inside.Then,when I opened it,I felt like crying!!!!! Seriously tak tipu.It was from my one of my beloved bestest buddies,NURUL ATIQAH BINTI KAMARUL ZAMAN.So,I would proudly present you the card,taddddddaaaaaaaa!!

yes,that's my name :)

I've made a clearer view for you.Haha.

The Card. :)

Dont you think she's sweet?

I missed her writing :P

meet the person people!! :))

I miss you too,so badly. :((