Monday, February 01, 2010

It's February.

A month passed by in 2010 so quickly.Its not quickly actually,my fault I didn't do something productive,yeah,I knew that.need not to mention.However,January had come to an end.So,lets recap what I've done..

-I got my L.That means I'm going to drive on the road on this Thursday.Haha.I knew I'm late.Fullstop.

-I watched GOSSIP GIRL for season 1 and now I'm going for a season 2 and 3 marathon.Currently,I'm so in love love love with Nate.Who can be my Nate Archibald please?

-When now is February,so March is approaching.Counting days for the results! *SIGHSIGHSIGH*Ya Allah,please give me the best thing that I deserve to.Ameen.

-Few more days for the cuticutiindonesia.Yeay,yeay,yeay.Can't waitttttttt!!!! :D:D *extremely excited*

Hoping that February will be much much better than previous months,