Tuesday, March 30, 2010

joy or tears?

Alhamdulillah,I passed my JPJ test today.Actually,I am not really confident to pass this test because I am super duper extremely nervous.So,I just did my very best and luck was on my side.Thank you Allah for making my day :) I was the 15th person on the 2nd session.Luckily,everything went on smoothly.EXCEPT for the-on-the road-test.I did pretty bad.16/20.1 thing I hate the most was,dealing with the JPJ tester.Mulut bising lah! Now, I would officially annouced that I got my beloved mr P. :)
*And this was on the happy side*

In the afternoon,I received few messages and even phone calls from my friends asking about my MARA result.They checked theirs but I am still there at Cemarlang waiting and waiting and waiting.Now,I could feel the tense is in the air.So,when I reached home,I checked it and this is the result.

I agreed with some people that say the truth really hurts.If you were in my shoes,what else would you say?Fine,maybe its true that this was not my time.But can you stand seeing everybody is busy keep on updating their status and blogs about interviews?Ouch,If you can stand with that matter,its ok.But Im sorry,I cant.Its damn painful.So dear everyone,I would like to apologise for any unreply messages,unanswered phone calls,did not respond to anyone no matter where in the world you are.I am deeply sad and emotionally down.
Dont worry guys,I just need some time.Allah Knows Best more than everyone does. :)
Congrats for anyone that is qualified to go for the interviews.Best of luck :)
*So,should I consider today as a happy or sad moments?*sigh.