Friday, January 23, 2009

First update as a finalist!

Huh! Finally! I'm the senior.Oldest.haha.Okay.That's not the topic actually.Moving on to the progress of school within this 3 weeks :

~The lecture schooling system! Amazingly,it works! Fuh,although its kinda tiring,but it burns our calories because we move all time! Ain't that sounds great? :)

~Cross -country competition,again,Alhamdullilah,Al-Battani won the first place :)

~I'm done with my Tassawur test,Arabic language test and etc.Fuh,finally! Overall,Alhamdullilah,it wasn't that hard.Now,I'm feel like taking Tassawur already,hehe :P

~Spot check! haha..rileks lah,baru 3 minggu skolah,dah gelabah,But luckily, the prefect in charge to check my dorm didn't ask me to open my locker cause I locked it.That was one of the tactics to keep your prohibited stuffs actually.hehe :P

~Last but not least,homework piles! Perghh! Due date after this CNY..aiyooo!..Anyone feel like helping? *wink* :P

Anyway,I'm enjoying my life as a finalist in SEMASHUR :)

p/s: best woo jadi senior,nak cakap ke,tak puas hati ke, ape-ape ke ,tak yah pandang2 kiri kanan dah.boleh main lepas jer.haha.cheers! no offense yer! :)

Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year 2009 !

Welcome 2009! Hope this year bring out the best in us! :)