Tuesday, March 02, 2010

what I've been craving for...

okay people.These are some stuffs that i've been craving for the past few days.So,since my birthday is just around the corner,Can I get them eh?Boleh lahh..eh eh?? :P

1.SPM 9A+ Ya Allah,I really really need this.Ameen.And whoever reads this,tolong ammen kan jugak! It is compulsory! Thanks:)

2.Pass my JPJ test.Tapi test tu 23 march lahhh.Lmbt lagi:((

3.The GAME OF LIFE yg latest punya.I just dont know why but I am so in the mood to play this game tapi ayah kate mcm budak2 nak game ni.But this game is super duper fun!!Believe me and u will never regret playing this :))But it cost abt RM160 lahhh...

3.New handphone.I think everyone knows how my current handphone loooks like kan kan?

4.Most important,I need your prayers.Pray for my health and happiness,herein and hereafter okay?