Monday, November 26, 2007

First Post


I was here before. A couple of years ago, I reckon. But it never worked. I'm back now and I hope it'll be much, much better.

Some people are bugging me to update eversince before my big exam. I told them that it'll go into my things-to-do-after-PMR list. Up to now, that the exam is more than over, I still have not post anything yet.

So many events had I been through, fun ones, some special quality time with my family during this school holidays, that I wish to share and tell. But everytime I got connected to the net, I procastinate. I friendster-ed myself more than anything else, that was the reason, Along said. I have to change. I must change. I will change. At least, I hope I will make the effort to change, be it only a little.

Today, I forced myself to write the first page. And may I have the courage to continue writing, at least not for the readers, but for the benefit of my very ownself.