Thursday, December 31, 2009

to whom it may concern

I feel really appreciated when YOU,A VERY LONG LOST FRIEND OF MINE suddenly texted me and wished me a happy new year.However, the way you did it was certainly improper.Yes,if it's me being arrogant,it's not your problem right?Btw,if don't have time,who ask you to do so? Remember,I also didn't have enuff time for YOU ok? Get lost,get your own life and do mind your own bussiness.Bear in mind that you started all this and you should settle it.It was certainly not my fault.At this particular moment,I think we shouldn't be friend.Sorry,I can't tolerate with YOU!

-We were not going to be friends anymore,it's a promise-

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

*I'm tired of thinking what to do as the day passed by.Please man,ANY IDEAS?

*I'm having a bad flu and sore throat.Shhhuh.Go away!

*I'm in need of seriously*byknye hutang org nk byr*haha.umi,nk kerja,pls?

*I'm going to start my driving class this wednesday.FYI,I'm not looking forward for the 6 hours talk.duhhh!

*I'm not yet done with my to-do list-after-spm.Dont laugh cause it's progressing.xD

*I want to loose my weight.any shortcuts without diets and cutting down foods?

*I'm off to Terennganu to send mommy this Friday.I hope I do gain something there.haish.

*I'm missing school whenever I saw people packing and shopping for their school stuffs :(

*I'm missing my girlfriends like crazy.

*I'm off to bed now and you,please,give me some time to think ok?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

what's next?

I've watched 3 movies in a row after such a long long time not visiting the cinema.haha.looking forward for other what's next people?I'm free,anytime,anywhere. haha :DD

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Natrah @ Istana Budaya

The very last time I went to IB was in 2007 for P.Ramlee The Musical.Last week,I went to watch Natrah.The show was overall superb with the terrific prop setting and excellent director! Congrats Eirma Fatima and crew for the good job. Double thumbs up! :)

footnote: Malas nk update gambar byk2 kat blogger sbb lambat gile.fb lagi best.haha.angah,sorry sbb you-know-what -the time,ur turn pulak eh? amal pgg camera.heh.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

.i am no longer a student. :(

hello peeps! yes,I'm back home.Back for good.Finally,SPM was over.The last paper was not a very good ending though.Everyone was not shouting just like I thought.Maybe because Chemistry was hard I guessed.But no doubt,add maths was the hardest.Lets forget the past,and keep on praying and hoping for the best! :) So now,I'm planning for my to-do list after SPM! check it out.haha.

  • Jogging everyday! At least 15 minutes per day! (saya mahu kurus! saya perlu kurus! saya hendak kurus!) I went to the lake park today and managed to make 2 round and hope this will keep on continuing for at least 1 month ok? stay away from kfc's,mcd's and all those foods.
  • I must finished up all those movies and dvd's: prison break ,nur kasih,my girl,gossips girl and sort of.( saya tau saya ketinggalan zaman,tapi saya SPM okay? haha)
  • Make over for my room.It's time for the new bed! ayah,*hint*hint* :D
  • Hangouts! Sunway Lagoon,here I come.haha
  • Working? I think no lah.
  • Holidaying like heaven?! yess:)
  • Tanned lines-must finish this book by the end of this month.
  • Driving lesson.I'm looking forward :)
  • Blog updates.At least,once a week.

I think that's all for now.Pray for me so that I will obey all those plans okay?

p/s:I'm missing my girlfriends already lah. Rakan Baik,we'll meet up again someday kan? :(

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Aidilfitri 2009

Third day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri.While everybody keep posting and blogging about their raya celebration, I'm here, missing Ramadhan Al Mubarak like crazy. Ramadhan, I wish we can meet up again next year,InsyaAllah. This year Aidulfitri celebration was just an ordinary one,maybe because of the examination fever and some other personal matters,not to be mentioned here.However,it was great to celebrate it with your beloved ones :)
1st Syawal in Kedah was cool enough although it was quite sad without mummy:(
Other else,it was just the same ;
  • visiting well-known and UNknown relatives.haha
  • eat.and eat and eat like there's no tomorrow.
  • duit raya.although it was not as much as previous year.tapi baru raya ketiga kan? ke sbb dah makin tua? left to be unanswered.haha.
  • some secrets to be revealed like ada juga pak sedara aku yang kawin dua. tapi aku tak tahu.sekarang anak tiri dia dah dua orang dan yang paling sulung darjah 5.and I managed to know that he got second wife last nite.cukup ketinggalan zaman kah aku???
  • some stories to be learned as lesson while we visited ayah's relatives.
  • Got a new recipe for chocolate chips cookies.yummy.yummy.yup.I'm craving for that now!

I'm off to my beloved home sweet home in few minutes time.Sejarah,add maths,physics,biology,and chemistry,I'm soo sorry,I'll clean you up guys as soon as I reached home. Enuff for CELEBRATION mode I guessed.Let's get into EXAMINATION mode.huhu.wish me luck with tonnes of handouts and homeworks.btw,SELAMAT HARI RAYA,MAAF ZAHIR BATIN!

p/s: cuti dah nak masuk hari ke-5 tapi saya baru siap homework modern maths.teruknya saya :(

Saturday, August 29, 2009

hari ini hari sabtu.sindrom sekolah-dah-nak-bukak sudah melanda! saya sakit perut.saya cuak.saya takut.SPM sila datang kepada saya dengan membawa 9A1.ameen.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Amal,make full use of this holiday please!

Ahlan wasahlan Ramadahan Almubarak, welcome holiday and piles of handouts,homeworks and goodbye trials. Please go away and don't you ever dare to come back. Trial was over last Tuesday and ended with Chemistry. I think my mid term examination was better. I meant in terms of preparations and results (I hope not!) A week at home before the exam was a really huge mistake for me actually.I hope to perform better next time.Things need to be done during this holiday:-

~Biology :perfect score
~Sejarah: handouts
~Add maths: 4 sets of handouts,exercises
~Chemistry:perfect score handouts,past years
~Modern maths: PILES of paper 2 handouts. To be submitted after holiday.
~PAI : handouts

anyone feel like helping,just buzz me.I will appreciate
it to the max :D

Note to myself: Since SPM is less than 3 months left,please make sure you completed your homeworks and use this time wisely. Stop onlining,pet-society-ing,facebooking and sort of. It consumes a lot of your precious time.If not, you will regret at the end of the day.(cuak tak? haha)

Thanks guys for a few minutes spending your time for this entry. Have a blessed Ramdhan and HAPPY HOLIDAY! :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tg Malim for the 2nd time! =)

-Balik rumah Kz.Best =)
-semalam sukan tahunan.Battani menang lagi. Alhamdulillah :)
-semalam jatuh kat stesen komuter. sakit gle ouh.mataku seperti ditumbuk.lututku berdarah.hwaaaaa! malu gle ouh.sakit! semua sbb nk kejar train.last-last,tak dapat pun naik train tuh.tunggu lagi satu jam :(
-besok ayah operation.All the best ayah! Amal doakan semuanya selamat ye! =)

tht's all for now.bye!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

school out!

I kept saying to everybody that I will update vista as soon as the school holiday started. However, I was busy (am I?) doing all the homework(not really actually),holidaying like heaven,face-booking and the lazyness made me keep on procastinating. Now, with another four days left before the school break ends, with the shout out showing that I last posted this vista is five weeks ago, and with people who kept reminding me all the time to update,okay.I think I shall do something.
* Went back to Alor Setar,Kedah. Everything was doing fine.Alhamdulillah.We managed to eat at Mee Udang Sungai Dua @ twice(the main reason why I put on weight okay!)Finally,I got the oppurtunity to see Ahmad Dzafran which I adore so much! I seldomly love babies actually.A lil cute baby to Abang Khairul and Kak Zura(a cousin of mine). On our way back,we dropped by at Kz's house @Tg Malim.Pictures are not available right now.Next time,ok?!

*Ayah was admitted to Pantai Medical Centre on Tuesday as soon as we got back from Alor Setar due to the stones in the gall bladder. InsyaAllah it was not seroius. Ayah, I will always spare some prayer for you.=) Since that day, PMC had become our second home. We already knew each and every way in the hospital.Cehh! We took a stroll all around the hospital!

PMC's cafe.

Dalam lif je pun.heh!

Sisters @ Internatinal Lounge

Sayalah 'tukang' habiskan makanan!

Get well soon,ayah dearest!
*Tuition for Additional Mathematics with Aunty Lela. A place where I met all my long lost friends.Arif,Zahin,Umar,Zufar,Aqilah Nadhirah.I still remember you guys lah.Missing the good old days! :(

okay.that's all for now.coming up next with the 2nd edition of holiday.haha.bye!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

I'm posting something today on my most beloved vista just to make sure that I will no longer receive any reminder sounds like 'amal,dah sebulan dah vista tu. ok? ' :D

Honestly,I'm busy.I spent quite a month in my beloved school.Nothing much to be updated here.All I did was just just a typical SPM candidate should do.Piles of homework,extra classes,staying up and etc.

I'm having my mid term examination in a fortnight.I wish I can perform better this time.I mean REALLY better.Do pray for me. Tq.

that's all for now,will be updating soon with MORE EXCITING story than this entry !
I have no idea.goodbye.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

BiRthDaY bLaSt! TQVM ! :)

3 March 2009

Dorm-Unforgettable day ever! It all started during midnight when Tqa b,kz,atai,hani and nano came over to my dorm and cut my hair (sampai penuh katil berterabur dengan rambut-rambutku).Lepas tu,mel pulak datang,.Ingat nak suap roti,tapi rupa-rupanya sapu jam kat muka! Ya Allah,dah la jam Rapsberry,sampai masuk hidung ko sapu! hehe,tumbuh satu jerawat kat hidung tau tak?! haha.nvm la~malam tu,niat hati nak study bio,last-last,makan maggi sampai pukul 2 pagi! haish...

Kekejaman rakan-rakanku diteruskan pagi berikutnya......

Bilik Kuliah 1,habis perhimpunan-Aku terkejut tengok kerusi dan mejaku dah hilang.Rupa-rupanya,diorang angkat kerusi dengan meja aku letak kat tengah-tengah alam antara blok f3 dengan f5.Diorang suruh aku duduk kat tengah-tengah alam tu and diorang nyanyi lagu birthday.At last,satu sekolah tahu hari ini birthday aku.Malu betul. Blush Blush.Apa-apapun,aku sangat terharu lah rakan-rakan! Especially fadh,hani,tqa b and kz yang sanggup ponteng kelas tambahan sebab nak outing pergi Selayang Mall cari present aku.Tak payah susah-suah lah weyh. I'm touched already :)

Anyway,here's a few present that I received on that day. THANK YOU VERY MUCH MY DEARIE FRIENDS! :)
-Green soft toy from Nurul Atiqah Burhanuddin.Thanks for those words on the box too! :) (sape-sape yang nampak cuba la baca apa yang ada kat kotak tu :P)
-Aigner Too Feminine from Hani Farhana & Nurul Atiqah Kamarul Zaman.Terima kasih banyak-banyak.Sangat-sangat terharu :)
-Soft toy dari Izzah Amani dan Hezreen.BoldTak ada gambar la.Sebab tertinggal hadiah kat dalam locker.hehe.tapi saya suka sangat!
-Angel bear dari Farrah Huda.Purple in colour and love it so much.Juga tiada gambar.
-Kad handmade dari Atai.Syukran jazillan ye!
-Kepada semua yang wish saya,tak kisah la di mana-mana pun(sms,call,pass through orang,friendster and etc,terima kasih.Saya terharu sangat-sangat.
Nak sebut sorang-sorang memang tak termampu.
-Juga kepada mereka-mereka yang mendoakan.Doa anda semestinya hadiah paling berharga buat saya.Terima kasih.
*PLeas'd look forward, pleas'd to look behind,And count each birthday with a grateful mind-Alexender Pope
I hope to be a better person as the day pased by and always improve myself. I won 't go changing except for the better.I will strive for the best so that I will not dissapoint the hope of the people who love me.INSYA ALLAH .A year older,a year wiser! :)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

I hate YOU!

Haha.I hate this part right here! THE DETENTION CLASS duhh! I was caught for being the last person to go for the evening prep! My name was annouced as `PALING LEWAT SOLAT ZOHOR'.And the punishment was I had to write a 5 pages essay with a very neat handwriting! So,to those PEOPLE who wrote my name, listen..

-First of all, thanks for the useless job that I had to do(I have to trouble up my parents,escaping SOME class just to call my parents to infrom that I have been caught in this class and lying to SOME people)
-I knew YOU are so really DAMN EXCITED to do your work since this is your first time to do your work as a prefect but please,DO IT PROPERLY lah weyh!
- I'll BANNED YOU for the rest of life.Remember,YOU trouble up so many pepole by doing this stupid job.
-One thing, at least, I"ve prayed (bukannya aku tak sembahyang la weyh!)

p/s: Seriusly,aku tak suka kau.Ingat,ko jumpa aku setiap hari.Ko lagi kecik dari aku.Aku tengok dunia dulu dari kau and masuk sekolah tu dulu dari ko..Lepas ni,aku TAKKAN tolong ko dah.Langsung! Ape-pe hal,ko buat la sendiri ye.Jangan panggil aku `kak' sebab aku tak kenal ko.

sorry,this entry sounds a bit emo.but I guess,everyone would feel the same if you guys were in my shoes! :(

Friday, January 23, 2009

First update as a finalist!

Huh! Finally! I'm the senior.Oldest.haha.Okay.That's not the topic actually.Moving on to the progress of school within this 3 weeks :

~The lecture schooling system! Amazingly,it works! Fuh,although its kinda tiring,but it burns our calories because we move all time! Ain't that sounds great? :)

~Cross -country competition,again,Alhamdullilah,Al-Battani won the first place :)

~I'm done with my Tassawur test,Arabic language test and etc.Fuh,finally! Overall,Alhamdullilah,it wasn't that hard.Now,I'm feel like taking Tassawur already,hehe :P

~Spot check! haha..rileks lah,baru 3 minggu skolah,dah gelabah,But luckily, the prefect in charge to check my dorm didn't ask me to open my locker cause I locked it.That was one of the tactics to keep your prohibited stuffs actually.hehe :P

~Last but not least,homework piles! Perghh! Due date after this CNY..aiyooo!..Anyone feel like helping? *wink* :P

Anyway,I'm enjoying my life as a finalist in SEMASHUR :)

p/s: best woo jadi senior,nak cakap ke,tak puas hati ke, ape-ape ke ,tak yah pandang2 kiri kanan dah.boleh main lepas jer.haha.cheers! no offense yer! :)

Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year 2009 !

Welcome 2009! Hope this year bring out the best in us! :)