Monday, September 06, 2010

YOU are my current obsession ;)

He is soooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous and awesome and cool ;)
Will I be given a chance to meet him someday pleasssssssssssssse?
I rarely being obsessed with actor/actress but this is my very first time I guess. HAHA.

Anyways, while I was watching GG just now,I found out something really interesting..
that is..
How Americans act when they are in a relationship.

  • They still call their gf/bf with their own name. Eg: Nate,Blair, Chuck, Serena. Unlike we Malaysians, we usually use `sayang, hubby, bee, hunny and whatsoever' (Sorry,I'm not expert on this thingy)
  • They don't text their gf/bf 24 hours like we Malaysians do. Like every minute we need to ask, tengah buat ape? dah makan ke belum? bla bla bla.And this is so not cool okay!
  • They didn't have to do super saver or all those things so that they can talk all night long.
But they still managed to have a good relationship :)
I didn't mean to offense anyone but somehow I think this way of relationship is way way way COOLER than what we usually practised here in Malaysia. I may not have those lovey dovey experience but I really think this is pretty COOL! =)
Don't you feel the same way or I'm just too exaggerating?