Friday, February 05, 2010

bad day.

Yesterday was my 1st attempt driving a car,not on the road but within the driving circuit.I was really really dissapointed because I can't control the clutch and ended up,mati enjin for like more than 10 times.Don't be suprised.I knew it was extremely terrible.I guessed my instructor had given up teaching me because he said like,'adik,adik mmg xpernah bawak kereta ke?'I felt very humiliated then.The first hour,I was like giving up and said,I don't want to do this,please send me home.But Alhamdulillah,during the second hour,I was doing better.As soon as the class ended,I apologised to my instructor for being such a tah ape ape student.I thought he must be mad at me but luckily he said,takpelah dik,semua orang pun macam adik dulu.Saya pun macam adik.'Fuhh.Relieved.Btw,my instructor was kinda in the middle age of 30.I prefer someone like pakcik-pakcik actually because they are more patient compared to darah muda-mudi.hehe.

this pic was not actually taken yesterday,but it was taken in 2005(I was in first former) while angah was having her driving lesson with ayah.That was me driving nissan charade,BCG 3268.How I wished you could be here with me:(

Just believe in yourself and you can do better ,