Thursday, June 11, 2009

school out!

I kept saying to everybody that I will update vista as soon as the school holiday started. However, I was busy (am I?) doing all the homework(not really actually),holidaying like heaven,face-booking and the lazyness made me keep on procastinating. Now, with another four days left before the school break ends, with the shout out showing that I last posted this vista is five weeks ago, and with people who kept reminding me all the time to update,okay.I think I shall do something.
* Went back to Alor Setar,Kedah. Everything was doing fine.Alhamdulillah.We managed to eat at Mee Udang Sungai Dua @ twice(the main reason why I put on weight okay!)Finally,I got the oppurtunity to see Ahmad Dzafran which I adore so much! I seldomly love babies actually.A lil cute baby to Abang Khairul and Kak Zura(a cousin of mine). On our way back,we dropped by at Kz's house @Tg Malim.Pictures are not available right now.Next time,ok?!

*Ayah was admitted to Pantai Medical Centre on Tuesday as soon as we got back from Alor Setar due to the stones in the gall bladder. InsyaAllah it was not seroius. Ayah, I will always spare some prayer for you.=) Since that day, PMC had become our second home. We already knew each and every way in the hospital.Cehh! We took a stroll all around the hospital!

PMC's cafe.

Dalam lif je pun.heh!

Sisters @ Internatinal Lounge

Sayalah 'tukang' habiskan makanan!

Get well soon,ayah dearest!
*Tuition for Additional Mathematics with Aunty Lela. A place where I met all my long lost friends.Arif,Zahin,Umar,Zufar,Aqilah Nadhirah.I still remember you guys lah.Missing the good old days! :(

okay.that's all for now.coming up next with the 2nd edition of holiday.haha.bye!