Saturday, August 22, 2009

Amal,make full use of this holiday please!

Ahlan wasahlan Ramadahan Almubarak, welcome holiday and piles of handouts,homeworks and goodbye trials. Please go away and don't you ever dare to come back. Trial was over last Tuesday and ended with Chemistry. I think my mid term examination was better. I meant in terms of preparations and results (I hope not!) A week at home before the exam was a really huge mistake for me actually.I hope to perform better next time.Things need to be done during this holiday:-

~Biology :perfect score
~Sejarah: handouts
~Add maths: 4 sets of handouts,exercises
~Chemistry:perfect score handouts,past years
~Modern maths: PILES of paper 2 handouts. To be submitted after holiday.
~PAI : handouts

anyone feel like helping,just buzz me.I will appreciate
it to the max :D

Note to myself: Since SPM is less than 3 months left,please make sure you completed your homeworks and use this time wisely. Stop onlining,pet-society-ing,facebooking and sort of. It consumes a lot of your precious time.If not, you will regret at the end of the day.(cuak tak? haha)

Thanks guys for a few minutes spending your time for this entry. Have a blessed Ramdhan and HAPPY HOLIDAY! :)