Saturday, February 07, 2009

I hate YOU!

Haha.I hate this part right here! THE DETENTION CLASS duhh! I was caught for being the last person to go for the evening prep! My name was annouced as `PALING LEWAT SOLAT ZOHOR'.And the punishment was I had to write a 5 pages essay with a very neat handwriting! So,to those PEOPLE who wrote my name, listen..

-First of all, thanks for the useless job that I had to do(I have to trouble up my parents,escaping SOME class just to call my parents to infrom that I have been caught in this class and lying to SOME people)
-I knew YOU are so really DAMN EXCITED to do your work since this is your first time to do your work as a prefect but please,DO IT PROPERLY lah weyh!
- I'll BANNED YOU for the rest of life.Remember,YOU trouble up so many pepole by doing this stupid job.
-One thing, at least, I"ve prayed (bukannya aku tak sembahyang la weyh!)

p/s: Seriusly,aku tak suka kau.Ingat,ko jumpa aku setiap hari.Ko lagi kecik dari aku.Aku tengok dunia dulu dari kau and masuk sekolah tu dulu dari ko..Lepas ni,aku TAKKAN tolong ko dah.Langsung! Ape-pe hal,ko buat la sendiri ye.Jangan panggil aku `kak' sebab aku tak kenal ko.

sorry,this entry sounds a bit emo.but I guess,everyone would feel the same if you guys were in my shoes! :(