Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Yes,I was so happy yesterday and had a lot of fun too.You know why? I met my bestest clans during my chilhood:Pika,Norq and Zhou.If I was not mistaken,the last time I met them was during my third former that was on 2007.So,can you imagine how long I havent met them?Oh,I missed them so much.At first,I planned to accompany Norq and Pika to the Cemerlang Driving School for the re-test.Then,Pika decided to pick up zhou at her house at Putrajaya.So,we explored Putrajaya.Main redah jer even tk tau jalan pon.And guessed what? We managed to arrive at her house on our own without any guidance and directions.*BIG CLAP*STANDING OVATION!* haha.Right after that,we went to McDonald because Zhou said she did not know where is in the world is the biggest McD in Bangi.Haha.Laen kali,rajin-rajin datang Bangi ye? xD So,we've updated each other about ourselves.So,I think,thats all.Let the pictures do the talking okay?

Thanks for the day guys.I love YOU! So,next plan ape eh? ALICE IN WONDERLAND eh? :P

GOOD LUCK korang esookkkkkkk! aku cuakkkkkkkk!