Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Need This. Seriously.

Been very stressed out for these past few days. Classes everyday mostly begin at 8 and end at 4. As for today, my class started at 10 and ended at 4. Just so you know, I got practical classes from 10-12, then 12-2 and lectures from 2-4. My second practical ended at 1.45pm then, I had to rush to the nearby masjid to perform my Zohor prayer and managed to arrive at the Lecture Hall at 2 pm on the dot just a few seconds before the lecturer entered the class. So I was so tired plus exhausted and I cant even concentrate just now. And I am supposed to do my assignments NOW, but heck, I logged in this thingy -.- I googled and you-tubed bout so many crappy things eg: a SUPERB GREAT GAME SHOW during the my childhood days: ISTANA TAKESHI :) And I am missing my old good days :) LIKE SERIOUSLY! thats the only reason why I deeply want A TIME MACHINE so that I can adjust my own sweet time and return to the past especially during the HIGH SCHOOL DAYS :) to be specific; IM MISSING MY HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND TREMENDOUSLY :(

On the other note, my 1st result is going to be released SOON, REALLY SOON.I don't expect for anything else except, PASS! Please, I wanna go back to Malaysia ASAP!

P/S: 24 jam tak cukup. Malam ni tak study pon, target nak buat assignment tak tercapai. Sekarang dh pkul 11.23pm, esok kelas pukul 8. Nice kan? Dah la. Nak log out. Kecewa dgn diri sendiri -.-

Ya Allah,help me please to go through all these.