Friday, January 22, 2010


Finally,I'm done with all the tests and talks.I'm currently waiting for my beloved mr L now :)

Finally,I'm quite relieved when suddenly I heard a conversation between few guys at the driving school when they met their long lost friends and chit chatting about themselves;
~eh ko buat ape je skrang,keje ke,aku bla bla bla.SPM macam mane?
~aku bla bla bla.Chemistry aku K.O dowh.I didn't really actually care what were they talking about,but the most important message is,yes they also thought that Chemistry was super hard! Fuh,at least I'm not the only person that got the feeling.Plus,they came from SAS,Putrajaya.So,I felt more relieved then.

Finally,I got the chance to watch Gossip Girls.To Kero,in case you read this, I think Chuck Bass in that series resembles your face without your glass.It reminds me of you everytime I watched him :)

Finally,I've updated my blog.haha.Gossip's Girls are waiting.byebye!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Yesterday,I managed to go to the Karnival Jom Masuk U @Shah Alam.And I kept on asking myself a few questions like 'Do I am fully prepared for the university phase? How abt my SPM result?What courses should I pursue and sort of.There were many booths there,where most of them were from IPTA's.Most of the unversities that I've been visited told me that medical courses are very hard and tough.You must be fully prepared physically and mentally yadda yadda yadda.Now,I am really confused abt my future.What should i be? *sigh*

Thursday, January 07, 2010

sannah helwah fahani :)

Happy birthday FATIN FAHANI. May Allah bless you herein and hereafter.Thanks for everything,knowing you as my friend was such a superb one! Gud luck for ur undertaking,dun worry coz I knew u''ll be fine :) U will always be in my prayers :)

*gmbr atas dan bwh ialah gmbr yg ni tym f1.sile abaikan segala ketidakmatangan.sekian :D

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

sorry,i'm late.

This shall be my first entry in 2010 since I was away for 4 days at Kemaman. So,here goes the very first thing :

Sorry coz I'm about a week late to post this,but I'm wishing you the best for ur life.I knew u won't be able to read this but where ever u are,i'll always pray for ur success and happiness.Thanks for all the times we had together during the difficult times especially.U are always there to help me.May Allah grant all your wishes esp to fly off to France,Insya Allah :)

And this is another good friend of mine,ASMAUL FADHILAH who were just off to PLKN in Kem Setia Ikhlas,Semenyih. I also knew that you won't be able to read this until the CNY holiday kot.haha.However, I just want you to know that I miss u like crazy.Happy plkn-ing,do have fun and take care ok?Aku dtg visit ko nnt.haha :D

*dah lame dh plan nk buat entry ni,tp carik gambar tak jumpe.and harini baru jumpe sume gmbr2 lame.hehe

*alissa,sorry to hear about what happened to ur mum and lil brother.but i prayed that everything is going to be fine,ameen :)

*i got no new year's resolution except for, I WANT TO LOOSE WEIGHT! !

Friday, January 01, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Happy new year people! Goodbye 2009 with all the sadness and grief. There's something to be cherished and something that should be left behind.Happy birthday alissa! Happy plkn-ing esp to asmaul fadhilah! Aku dtg lawat ko nnt.Do take care and have fun ok?

I welcomed 2010 with hope and smile.May this year will be better than previous year,I hope so.Insya Allah :)