Thursday, December 31, 2009

to whom it may concern

I feel really appreciated when YOU,A VERY LONG LOST FRIEND OF MINE suddenly texted me and wished me a happy new year.However, the way you did it was certainly improper.Yes,if it's me being arrogant,it's not your problem right?Btw,if don't have time,who ask you to do so? Remember,I also didn't have enuff time for YOU ok? Get lost,get your own life and do mind your own bussiness.Bear in mind that you started all this and you should settle it.It was certainly not my fault.At this particular moment,I think we shouldn't be friend.Sorry,I can't tolerate with YOU!

-We were not going to be friends anymore,it's a promise-

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

*I'm tired of thinking what to do as the day passed by.Please man,ANY IDEAS?

*I'm having a bad flu and sore throat.Shhhuh.Go away!

*I'm in need of seriously*byknye hutang org nk byr*haha.umi,nk kerja,pls?

*I'm going to start my driving class this wednesday.FYI,I'm not looking forward for the 6 hours talk.duhhh!

*I'm not yet done with my to-do list-after-spm.Dont laugh cause it's progressing.xD

*I want to loose my weight.any shortcuts without diets and cutting down foods?

*I'm off to Terennganu to send mommy this Friday.I hope I do gain something there.haish.

*I'm missing school whenever I saw people packing and shopping for their school stuffs :(

*I'm missing my girlfriends like crazy.

*I'm off to bed now and you,please,give me some time to think ok?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

what's next?

I've watched 3 movies in a row after such a long long time not visiting the cinema.haha.looking forward for other what's next people?I'm free,anytime,anywhere. haha :DD

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Natrah @ Istana Budaya

The very last time I went to IB was in 2007 for P.Ramlee The Musical.Last week,I went to watch Natrah.The show was overall superb with the terrific prop setting and excellent director! Congrats Eirma Fatima and crew for the good job. Double thumbs up! :)

footnote: Malas nk update gambar byk2 kat blogger sbb lambat gile.fb lagi best.haha.angah,sorry sbb you-know-what -the time,ur turn pulak eh? amal pgg camera.heh.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

.i am no longer a student. :(

hello peeps! yes,I'm back home.Back for good.Finally,SPM was over.The last paper was not a very good ending though.Everyone was not shouting just like I thought.Maybe because Chemistry was hard I guessed.But no doubt,add maths was the hardest.Lets forget the past,and keep on praying and hoping for the best! :) So now,I'm planning for my to-do list after SPM! check it out.haha.

  • Jogging everyday! At least 15 minutes per day! (saya mahu kurus! saya perlu kurus! saya hendak kurus!) I went to the lake park today and managed to make 2 round and hope this will keep on continuing for at least 1 month ok? stay away from kfc's,mcd's and all those foods.
  • I must finished up all those movies and dvd's: prison break ,nur kasih,my girl,gossips girl and sort of.( saya tau saya ketinggalan zaman,tapi saya SPM okay? haha)
  • Make over for my room.It's time for the new bed! ayah,*hint*hint* :D
  • Hangouts! Sunway Lagoon,here I come.haha
  • Working? I think no lah.
  • Holidaying like heaven?! yess:)
  • Tanned lines-must finish this book by the end of this month.
  • Driving lesson.I'm looking forward :)
  • Blog updates.At least,once a week.

I think that's all for now.Pray for me so that I will obey all those plans okay?

p/s:I'm missing my girlfriends already lah. Rakan Baik,we'll meet up again someday kan? :(