Thursday, December 10, 2009

.i am no longer a student. :(

hello peeps! yes,I'm back home.Back for good.Finally,SPM was over.The last paper was not a very good ending though.Everyone was not shouting just like I thought.Maybe because Chemistry was hard I guessed.But no doubt,add maths was the hardest.Lets forget the past,and keep on praying and hoping for the best! :) So now,I'm planning for my to-do list after SPM! check it out.haha.

  • Jogging everyday! At least 15 minutes per day! (saya mahu kurus! saya perlu kurus! saya hendak kurus!) I went to the lake park today and managed to make 2 round and hope this will keep on continuing for at least 1 month ok? stay away from kfc's,mcd's and all those foods.
  • I must finished up all those movies and dvd's: prison break ,nur kasih,my girl,gossips girl and sort of.( saya tau saya ketinggalan zaman,tapi saya SPM okay? haha)
  • Make over for my room.It's time for the new bed! ayah,*hint*hint* :D
  • Hangouts! Sunway Lagoon,here I come.haha
  • Working? I think no lah.
  • Holidaying like heaven?! yess:)
  • Tanned lines-must finish this book by the end of this month.
  • Driving lesson.I'm looking forward :)
  • Blog updates.At least,once a week.

I think that's all for now.Pray for me so that I will obey all those plans okay?

p/s:I'm missing my girlfriends already lah. Rakan Baik,we'll meet up again someday kan? :(