Friday, January 22, 2010


Finally,I'm done with all the tests and talks.I'm currently waiting for my beloved mr L now :)

Finally,I'm quite relieved when suddenly I heard a conversation between few guys at the driving school when they met their long lost friends and chit chatting about themselves;
~eh ko buat ape je skrang,keje ke,aku bla bla bla.SPM macam mane?
~aku bla bla bla.Chemistry aku K.O dowh.I didn't really actually care what were they talking about,but the most important message is,yes they also thought that Chemistry was super hard! Fuh,at least I'm not the only person that got the feeling.Plus,they came from SAS,Putrajaya.So,I felt more relieved then.

Finally,I got the chance to watch Gossip Girls.To Kero,in case you read this, I think Chuck Bass in that series resembles your face without your glass.It reminds me of you everytime I watched him :)

Finally,I've updated my blog.haha.Gossip's Girls are waiting.byebye!