Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Less Than 6 hours Left

Semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan, I'm hoping for a good start, InshaAllah. Do pray for me people, thank you :)

Monday, September 06, 2010

YOU are my current obsession ;)

He is soooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous and awesome and cool ;)
Will I be given a chance to meet him someday pleasssssssssssssse?
I rarely being obsessed with actor/actress but this is my very first time I guess. HAHA.

Anyways, while I was watching GG just now,I found out something really interesting..
that is..
How Americans act when they are in a relationship.

  • They still call their gf/bf with their own name. Eg: Nate,Blair, Chuck, Serena. Unlike we Malaysians, we usually use `sayang, hubby, bee, hunny and whatsoever' (Sorry,I'm not expert on this thingy)
  • They don't text their gf/bf 24 hours like we Malaysians do. Like every minute we need to ask, tengah buat ape? dah makan ke belum? bla bla bla.And this is so not cool okay!
  • They didn't have to do super saver or all those things so that they can talk all night long.
But they still managed to have a good relationship :)
I didn't mean to offense anyone but somehow I think this way of relationship is way way way COOLER than what we usually practised here in Malaysia. I may not have those lovey dovey experience but I really think this is pretty COOL! =)
Don't you feel the same way or I'm just too exaggerating?

Friday, September 03, 2010

How Far Along

The very last time I did my TO-DO LIST was a month ago on 2nd August 2010. Today, approximately one month had passed by, how much I've done so far?

  • Polish kembali driving skill yang sangat dah teramat berhabuk! Oh mannn, I miss driving so much!-believe me or not,I haven't touched the steering since I've finished my preparation at Kuantan ,until NOW! I want to drive, pleaseeeeeee! =(
  • Buat spec baru.A.S.A.P!-CHECKED!
  • Pergi SEMASHUR untuk collect sijil SPM.-CHECKED, but then the certificate was not yet ready, so I just dropped by to visit my teachers and juniors.
  • Belajar masak. Ni sepatutnya prioriti ni. Adoi. Malas okay!-As soon as MARA said that 1st year students are not allowed to cook, I've stopped learning. HAHA.Ish Ish Ish.
  • Kemas bilik yang dah tak rupa macam bilik ni. Haiyaa!-I've been cleaning it almost everyday eh no, CERTAIN days but then, I can't see any changes. HAHAHA.
  • Movie marathon! Banyak movie tak tengok masa duduk kat Cherating dulu :(-this is an endless thingy. I've been watching at least one movie per day but still, I got so many other movies to catch up. ECEH CEH!
  • Study Amal study! At least sejam sehari pon takpe so that sampai sana takdelah terkejut sangat macam tak tahu apa-apa langsung! Sources dah ada, jangan cari alasan! -I've read about carbohydrate and I don't even understand a single thing and now I'm scared! -.-
  • Bukak ATM A.S.A.P jugak. -CHECKED!
  • Transfer gambar-gambar dalam laptop tapi kabel misplaced. Sebab tu kena kemas bilik dulu. HAHA.-CHECKED!
  • Beli laptop and pendrive baru. Hard disk ke? Haha. Banyak duit!-CHECKED!
  • Makan makanan Malaysia sepuas-puasnya. Haha. Teruk betul idea!-I've been craving for SUBWAY for these past few days. LAPAARRRRRRRRRRR!
  • Visit kawan-kawan dekat KMB, PASUM dan UiTM. Kalau boleh nak hangout dengan diorg tapi of course lah diorg tak cuti kan. Eh lupa, Cik Pika Nadhirah pon suruh visit die kat KMS .-CHECKED but I only managed to visit PASUM. Other places,some other time maybe.
  • Start kumpul sikit-sikit basic needs yang nak kena bawak ke sana. OMG! Baru sedar yang sebulan tu tak lama dahhhh! I hate packing so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh!-Almost 90% done but I'm a lazy lazier eh no laziest person to put all those stuffs in the luggage because? yes you know the answer. Because packing-is-so-not-me!
  • Pre depature@ MARA on 3rd Sept. -It was not on 3rd Sept actually but yesterday so CHECKED!
Wahhhh, almost everything was done. So, for the first very time, I would like to congratulate myself because I'm able to accomplish my to-do-list though it took about a month! And I'm very very proud of it. :)

psst ;InshaAllah,my flight details are as follows:

Date : 16 September 2010
Time: 1.30 am
Destination: KL-Cairo
Airlines: Egypt Air

I'm going to appreciate every clock's tickling because only 2 weeks left! Gah!