Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Top 3 Never-Been-And-Must-Visit Places!

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, India.

Niagara Falls, Canada.

Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan Skyline, New York City, United States of America.

 And obviously Makkah and Madinah will always be the places that I'm looking forward to re-visiting them  and experience the Holy Month of Ramadhan there,one day,InshaAllah.

' travel through the Earth,and see what was the end of those who disbelieved (in the Oneness of Allah, and disobeyed Him and His Messengers)'

Al-Imran: 137


Qamarul Iqmal said...

weyh sedap gila lagu blog kau amal

Amal Hayati said...

haha byk2 benda lagu jugak yg kau comment? -.- btw lama dh aku letak lagu ni hehe